Mr. Whippel, his German cousin (ashes_to_roses) wrote in college_dancers,
Mr. Whippel, his German cousin

Twyla Tharp

Twyla Tharp came to speak at my university a few weeks ago. She gave just a short lecture, so there isn't much to say, just that my entire dance department jumped at the chance to see her speak, let alone see her at all. She talked about her book, The Creative Habit, but she basically only outlined it. She gave some examples of her theories and invited three different people onstage to help demonstrate which. She has a very bland humour that I like. I also must say, she's a lot older than I thought she'd be.

While some would be having a squealing fit, I've been pretty complacent about it all, so if anyone has any questions on what I may have left out, do ask.
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