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intro and all that...

Hi, I'm new!

I took ballet lessons most of my early childhood and just into Jr. High school when the company and studio folded up shop.  The artistic director wasn't happy that the ballet school was supporting the company, and it was tough trying to compete against a town with another ballet company already.

I was just beginning pointe work (2nd year of pointe work, which isn't all that much) when I tried to switch to another studio.  Unfortunately, my feet and the shoes didn't agree with each other, and the teacher who took over my training was down right evil.  So, I quit.

A few years back when I was finding my path or destiny or what ever you want to call the late teen years and early 20's, I knew I wanted to teach, but was unsure what focus or discipline.  The community college I attended had ballet classes taught by one of the main choreographers of the dance studio I grew up in.  After two years of studying there at the community college, I knew this is what I want to do.

I'm currently pregnant and mothering a three year old daughter.  I'm studying via distance learning at the local community college working on the general education requirements for transfer.  Once someone new is born in August, I'm going to resume self training to get myself back up to a decent trained level before I go to transfer into a BFA program.

Right now is just the planning stage for me though.  I'm sorting through the college guide looking for BFA programs that focus equally or close to equally on ballet and modern dance, plus a bit of pedagogy or teaching techniques.  Performance based curriculum doesn't necessarily interest me because I'm not a performer, I'm much more educational bound.

I've finished a list on my personal journal of schools that mostly offer what I'm looking for in their BFA programs, but the tough part in narrowing the school list down is whether either the school offers grad school options for my husband in Anthropology, or if a school in decent commute distance offers what he needs.

Anyways, that's my story!  Nice to meet you all!
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