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New to the community

I found this communty and was very interested in it. You don't usually find that many other college dance major communities. I think that being in a dance program in college opens so many possibities to the future performers, teacher, or whatever we decide to persue with dance. I was hoping I could find out more about the programs and opportunites your college offers, to broaden my knowledge of the different schools programs.

I am currently a Senior at Eastern Michigan University, and this is my 2nd year at Eastern and in the program. Our program I think is very aimed towards teaching. It's very small which I enjoy because we get so much one on one attention, but we do have financial problams because of this. Since we only have one studio we have a block of classes which rotate every year. Because of this we have classes that are jam pack, this effects us a lot especially in our comp classes. Last year we didn't make it through our whole syllabus because we had to spend extra days showing our dances for feed back. We couldn't fit everyone in one 3 hour block! Another thing we are fighting for is money for ACDFA. I'm sure all of you have heard of it, if not attended it. Our school lets anyone who wants to attend. The ones performing HAVE to attend, and we get absolutly no money to help us out with registration, or hotel and travel expenses.

Another problem our program is currently facing is our teacher not getting along or even communicating. We only have 3 teachers and none of them get speak to each other. It reminds me much of a defective family. We have teachers backstabing other teachers, and doing things just to spite other teachers. It's aweful.

I guess it sounds like I'm just complaining. I love the program, I believe I am going to be leaving with so much from this school. We have very good teachers, and some awesome guest artists. We have very gifted dancers in our program. I love the fact that our program isn't that competitive, because I don't want to perform in the future, I want to perform now and teach in the future.

So I am just curious how other college programs are run and if there are ways I could bring up to our department director to improve our program. I appreciate any comments, thank you.

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